Bracelet and Sgian Brew

The Sgian Brew
( Safety Sgian Dubh / Bottle Opener )

For occasions or locations where carrying a traditional bladed Sgian Dubh may be inappropriate.
I often find that on these occasions a bottle opener is pretty useful anyway !
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Sgian Brews for sale


"Rab, The Sgian Brew is phenomenal! The quality is out of this world! Chris"

right: SG484 - Photo supplied by Chris,
Handle is carved from an Isle of Jura Whisky Barrel
Brass ferrule bands
Brass pins on front of handle and top stud
Drop-Forged Bottle Opener



My Safety Sgian Dubhs can be supplied with any handle design that is used on my normal bladed Sgian Dubhs also see my Custom Sgian Dubhs for other options.

Sgian Brew with a good ale
Sgian Dubh Bottle Opener
SG674 ~ Ebony, Silver and Fife Red Jasper Sgian Dubh Bottle Opener.
"Received my new Sgain Brew today by special delivery - it is stunning. The photographs on the web site are good but nothing compares with the real thing - the look - the feel - the balance. It is just great."

Ian Scott, Fife.
Sgian Brew
SG822 ~ Culloden Bog Oak Sgian Brew with Sterling Silver Pictish Boar inlay.
"Just received the sgian brew -- it's even better than the picture. The Culloden bog oak's grain is beautiful and the silver boar is great, just like the one you made for my sgian dubh."

Richard King, Brussels, Belgium.