Custom Made Celtic Jewelry and Kilt Accessories


Please note that our Highland Wedding Rings website and our blog are far more upto date than this page.

Pictish Salmon Kilt Pin
Pictish Salmon custom kilt pin in Sterling Silver
"Just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely kilt pin, it got it's first outing Hogmanay and looked fab!"
Wendy, Drumnadrochit, Scotland. (see more kilt pins.)

A pair of custom made Celtic wedding rings, cut from aerospace grade Titanium.
See our dedicated Highland Wedding Rings site.

Silver Tie Pins
Sterling Silver Tie / Lapel pins

Silver kilt pin
solid Sterling Silver Kilt Pin, approx. 3" long
engraved with Lion Rampant on Saltire Shield
Silver Kilt belt buckle
solid Sterling Silver kilt belt buckle
engraved with Celtic knotwork border and Lion Rampant on Saltire
Titanium Ring
Titanium ring with engraved Tao symbol
Custom silver pendant
Silver pendant, approx 1" wide


Custom Silver Bracelets
Pair of Sterling Silver bracelets

Custom Guitar Plectrum
Silver guitar plectrum / necklace.
"I received the necklace the other day and just wanted to say you
have done an amazing job! The piece is better than i could have imagined and i cannot thank you enough for the help and great communication throughout the necklaces production"

Graham Hollinger, Dumfies, Scotland.

Custom Silver Rings
Custom made Toboso signet rings.
" I want to acknowledge safe and timely receipt of my Toboso Ring. But more importantly I want to complement the piece. It is very beautiful and I already treasure it. It also fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your good work, and for your courteous communication throughout."
Don Ciaran, Aberdeen, Scotland.



Chaos Pendant
This was a special commission for a record company - it's in solid Sterling Silver, 4" wide and weighs in at over 1lb !

Celtic Titanium Rings
Titanium Celtic Rings, machined from solid bar of aerospace grade titanium.

Titanium Celtic Ring
Titanium Wedding Ring

Celtic Titanium Brooch
Titanium Celtic Dolphin Brooch (34mm long)

Titanium Pendants
Titanium guitar plectrums and pendants.


Celtic Silver Bracelet Celtic Silver Bracelet
Custom made Sterling Silver bracelets.

Celtic Hounds Ring in Silver
Running Hounds ring.
Celtic Knotwork Ring in White Gold
White-Gold Wedding rings.
Celtic Spiral Ring in Silver
Colour Stained style Spiral ring
Celtic Wedding Rings
Our own wedding rings in gold.
Celtic Tiara
Celtic Tiara

Celtic Tiara made from 1.5mm solid Sterling Silver sheet.