Make your own Sgian Dubh with our Kits and Parts

We have put together some Sgian Dubh Kits and offer a selection of quality components which are a great way to try your hand at making your own Sgian Dubh.

Please feel free to download our free DIY leaflet:
Make your Own Sgian Dubh Instructions

We also offer a wide selection of Sgian Dubh blades and other components.

Below are some Sgian Dubhs that our customers have made from our components or kits.
Photos reproduced with kind permission.

This useful Sgian Brew was made in Bog Oak, Damascus and Brass by Richard Alistair King.
The tartan is Weathered MacKay.
A nicely carved Ebony handle by J.C.

This fantastic collection was crafted by Mike Findlater with Damascus blades and a selection of woods and antler combined to make handles and sheaths.



( Damascus blades, etc. are available from our webshop )

Made by Sarah as a gift for her husband on their wedding day.
We engraved the couple's inititials and the date onto the Damascus Sgian Brew 'Blade'.

Made by Jamie in Glen Urquhart. Both handles were made from antler from the same Roe Buck.

Made by Bernie in Australia with an unusual Maori inspired bog Oak handle.

Made by Stewart on the Isle of Skye using whisky barrel, bone, brass and Damascus.

A finely crafted set of 4 by George;
in bog oak, "1599 oak" and burly walnut.

Made by Cameron with an American Oak handle.

Lovely carving by Niall with an Angus Serpentine pommel stone, silver ferrules and a Damascus blade, photographed on Cameron of Lochiel Modern tartan.

Great design and craftsmanship by Chuck Hooper, USA.

(above) George crafted this for a very special presentation. He carved the handle from an oak dated way back to 1599 and used one of our Damascus blades and our Sterling Silver fittings, we engraved an Urquhart Clan crest for the handle inlay.
(below) George also made this one using Walnut.
Sgian Brew with Damascus 'blade' bottle opener
This lovely Sgian Brew with Damascus 'blade' bottle opener and stag horn was made by Joe for his best friend's wedding. (see our webshop for Damascus Sgian Brew bottle openers)

Antler, Damascus and Bog Oak by Scott

Made by Mike and photographed on Magill tartan

Jurgen used buffallo horn for this handle.

by R. O'Neill with a Black Watch emblem inlaid into bog oak.
By Mick,
5300 year old bog oak handle with oiled finish, brass ferrule band and Damascus blade with Celtic embossed leather sheath.

“Thanks Rab for quickly sending the order. Blades are very nice, very genuine sgian dubh look. The knife and sheath are shaped with a traditional design, with old walnut wood, gently carved with scalpel held like a pencil ! Pommel is fitted with a natural piece of Baltic Amber. Now, I will buy a kilt !" megaw, from France.

by Mayeul de Magnitot,

Ebony handle and sheath, Brass ferrule and Damascus blade

A fantastic first Sgian Dubh by Ronny.

An Italian Sgian; Lorenzo Legge and his father made this using a piece of robinia pseudoacacia for handle and sheath.

A nice and very original approach by Hugh Purvis in Ebony with Silver fittings.

Dutch version made by Jos v.d. Broeke with a sign dubh kit.
Made for his friend Arie who plays the belly-drum by Inter Scaldis Pipes and Drums.

by Michael Dickson from one of our kits with Damascus blade, 5300 year old Bog Oak and our Celtic knotwork silver ferrule.

Michael Aldridge bought some of our kits and fittings to make presents for his wedding ushers. He sent this photo of his which came out very nicely.
Antler, silver and Damascus
From Bill Farnham using antler, silver and one of our Damascus blades.

John made this special set of 7 Sgian Dubhs for his son's wedding.
He used Aberdeenshire Gean and Canadian Maple, finishing with Chinese Tung Oil.

by John McLean for his groomsmen.
Using our Highland Oak handle blanks, Swedish 12C27 blades and plain leather sheaths.

by Sean McCormick from our components and a special order of pommels.


These two were made by Bill Farnham.
His very first is below and his 2nd is on the right.
Nice and neat workmanship and a great eye for shape and form.


By Scott Leiper with a Damascus blade, blackwood and buffalo bone handle.
Bog Oak and Damascus kit
By Mark Norcross from one of our Bog Oak and Damascus kits.

This is Bernardo Turnbull's first - very nicely carved !

A selection by Mr Elliot - lovely craftsmanship.

Steve Richards created this from a kit his son purchased from us as a Christmas present. He used some antler he found locally and a piece of antique family jewelery.
Also, check out Steve's impressive website on Astrophotography

A nice and practical first Sgian made in Red Oak by Dave Johnson Gysgt USMC (ret)


by Erik Peters
Tiger Striped Mesquite
Arizonan Tiger Striped Mesquite.
Erik Peters Sgian Dubh
A very creative use of materials, I've never seen a sheath like this.
Rosewood, horn, ivory and shell for the handle. The sheath is camel bone and leather.
Arizonan Iron Woo
Arizonan Iron Wood.

Arizonan Iron Wood.


by John Thomson

by Richard Fortunato, USA


by Michael Heep, Germany
'The handle is made of African black wood. Two amber stones from the Baltic sea are fixed in the handle.
The knife sheath is made of calf skin with silver. At the beginning of the blade a piece of warthog tooth was used at the handle.'


Above: Very nice work from Alan Morrison using one of our kits


Right: This was made by Scott from Rhode Island.
Scott used our bog oak and sheath, and made his own blade.