Real Wood Sgian Dubh Handles

I use a variety of materials to make my Sgian Dubh handles, from stag antler to rare Culloden Bog Oak.
Some of the woods I use most often are shown below and we can also supply any of these through our online shop if you wish to make your own Sgian Dubh.

Sgian Dubh Wood handle blanks
Sgian Dubh wood handle blanks left to right above: Glen Urquhart Oak, Rosewood, Ebony, African Blackwood, Bog Oak

The Glen Urquhart Oak is from our family farm at Balnain in Glen Urquhart.
The Bog Oak is from the Fenlands of East Anglia, dated to approx. 5300 years old.
The other woods are sourced from musical instrument makers.
These wood handle blanks are available for sale.