Fàilte / Welcome
We are Rab & Tanya Gordon and we live and work by Loch Meiklie in Glen Urquhart near Loch Ness.
Until recently we lived at Divach on the hillside above Loch Ness.
We've always had an interest in Celtic and Pictish art which led to a very wide range of designs and products. We now mostly concentrate on crafting custom made Sgian Dubhs, jewellery, and wedding rings.

Our web-shop is at www.loch-ness-origins.com

Please check out our latest creations at our blog.

Our View

We have another website focussed on our rings at
Highland Wedding Rings

We trust that you will find our website interesting and informative, please do contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. The photos below are of our home, family and local area, we hope you enjoy them.

Swan on Loch Ness by Urquhart Castle

Ewe and newly born lamb at Divach
Ducks at Urquhart Castle
Ducks at Urquhart Castle

Lex the snow-dog leading the way !

Looking over our field towards Loch Ness

Snow covered Landrover
On Loch Ness
Tanya, Max and Rab on Loch Ness
Mill of Divach - our home and workshop
Some of our ducks
Some of our ducks
Sunrise over Divach
Our view of a sunrise over Loch Ness
View from hill above our house
Loch Ness from the hill above our house
another sunrise over Loch Ness
another sunrise over the loch


Urquhart Castle, just down the road.

Max and Lex playing way up the hill.

Deer in our back garden

Helping out with the neighbouring sheep